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Checklist for women who take financial decisions

He is against generalising any form of investment for any age or category of people. He prefers it being specific and personalised to each individual, be it men or women. He advises against putting all your eggs into one basket, irrespective of how good a particular asset class might look. Based on individual profile, investment profile, time horizon and the goals, an investor needs to make an asset allocation plan wherein he or she decides how much funds will go into equities, how much into debt and how much into any other say real estate or precious stones, he says. According to him, the idea is to make that kind of an asset allocation plan and allocate money based on


Mix equity and fixed income plans to maximize returns

Here is the edited transcript of the interview on CNBC-TV18. Q: Investor wants to invest Rs 25000 per month, how should he allocate his money? He has been investing since 2005 but, since last 3 years his equity-mutual fund portfolio has increased only by 2-3%. A: It is right that people have lost money or not made really too much money in equity mutual funds in the last few years. I think it is all a question of what was the time horizon for investment and how much risk they could take. Most people look at mutual funds as the only vehicle to invest in equities. But, I think mutual funds have a lot more to offer. There are hybrid